Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa

Frequently asked questions


Here you will find all the answers to the most important questions. All information is provided to the best of our knowledge,
However, we assume no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the general information.

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Dogs (pets) are generally not permitted in the vacation apartment.

You are welcome to book an additional towel change outside the cleaning service, this is € 5.00 per day and person and you will receive one large and one small towel. A change of bed linen is € 10.00 per person.

The use of the spa and wellness area at the Hotel Küstenperle can be booked for an additional charge.

The check-out time for our apartments is until 10 am. Please arrange a time for handing over your vacation apartment by the penultimate day of your stay. At check-out, the apartment should be swept clean, the fridge and freezer emptied, the garbage separated and disposed of and the dishwasher turned on. After the handover with one of our employees, you leave the apartment together and can settle your bill at the reception.

Breakfast is not included in our room prices for the apartments. However, you can book breakfast at any time for a surcharge of €12.50 per person (aged 15 and over) and €7.50 (aged 6-14).

The apartment building is a 1-2 minute walk from our hotel.

Each of our vacation apartments has its own parking space, marked with the number of the apartment. One parking space per apartment is free of charge during your stay.

Check in takes place at the hotel reception. You are welcome to check in at our hotel building, which is located on the premises directly next to the house for the vacation apartment.

Each vacation apartment has its own, signposted and free parking space for one car. The driveway to this parking lot leads off the Nordseestraße on the dyke. You are also welcome to use our large hotel parking lot at short notice for check-in in our main hotel building. Here you will find out which apartment you are moving into and which parking space is reserved for you.

If you want to drive up or down our guest parking lot or from our guest parking lot of the vacation apartments, please use your room card, which you received from us after check-in, so the barrier opens. If you drive down from the guest parking lot after check-out and you have left your room card with us at the reception, press the button on the device with which the barrier is connected, because when you press the button, a ringtone sounds at our reception, when it sounds at our reception we also press a button, which opens the barrier.

The apartments are equipped with all the essentials. Cleaning is only included as part of an intermediate cleaning service when booking directly through our hotel.

The parking spaces are marked with the numbers of the apartments.

Each apartment has a small storage room in which a children's high chair is available.

For all bookings via our hotel directly or our website, one intermediate cleaning is included for stays of four nights or more and two intermediate cleanings for stays of six nights or more.

Final cleaning is included in the room price.

Each of our apartments has a parking space for one car. If you arrive with other vehicles, you can park in our hotel parking lot for a fee of € 6.00 per night.

For departure, please arrange a handover date for the vacation apartment with our reception team. This must be arranged by 9:50 a.m. at the latest on the day of departure. You are welcome to arrange this with our reception team at check-in.

So that we can continue to offer you the high standard of our vacation apartments and avoid you accidentally leaving something behind with us, we will meet with you on the day of your departure for a small handover. You are welcome to make an appointment for this with our reception team at check-in.